About me

I'm Liora and am a 19 year old, second year Marketing Management student at university.
I absolutely love all things beauty and fashion and hope to end up in this industry!
However, my love leaves me with little money but oh well, I've got no other responsibilities right now!

I love travelling and have been lucky enough to have some wonderful holidays but the ones with my amazing group of friends have been the best *queue some photos*

I am also a huge fan of American TV shows, why are they so good?! The list could go on and on but my favourites (including ones that are sadly over) are One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, 90210, Revenge, Girls and Pretty Little Liars. 
Any suggestions similar to these? Send them my way...

For music I'm a pretty much an anything kinda gal, except for heavy metal etc. Taylor Swift is my ultimate fave, closely followed by Beyonce and Bruno Mars. If we're going old school, Spice Girls and S Club all the way! However, musicals will always have a huge place in my heart, as I always say 'I was made for Broadway, I just wasn't given the talent'. You can pretty much find me singing along to musicals 24/7!

Welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy it!
Liora xxx

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