Saturday, 6 December 2014

I'm Back

Hello people!!

I last posted in September to say I was taking a break as I was really busy but only expected it to be for a few weeks. Somehow, that break turned into it being December!!

There's so many reasons for the break being so long but the main one is I'm now in my final year of university. I've always been good at time management but somehow this year, any spare moment I have is either doing uni work, working for my job or sleeping so blogging was pushed to the bottom of the list. 

Everything I've bought or done these past few months, I've always thought just blog it and you can get back in the game but then something else crops up instead.

I'm not going to lie, January is going to be crazy - I've got 3 massive uni deadlines so I can't promise January will be consistent but whilst December is slightly quieter I'm going to try and pre-write as much as I can.

I'm so happy you've all stuck with me through the long break and somehow my page views and followers have gone up whilst being away so thank you!

With that all in mind, I'm off to write blog posts!!

Thanks for reading


  1. Heya I love your blog! What's the most interesting thing you've done this past month, anything fun? xx

    1. Hi, thank you so much!
      I'd definitely have to say the most fun thing was me and some of my friends, went on eggheads the TV quiz show! I'm not allowed to say the results but I'll definitely tell my readers when it's on xx