Friday, 29 August 2014

Nail Polish Favourites + Storage

Hi Guys,

As most of you probably do, I love nail polish! It's so nice to have a variety of colours to choose from depending on your mood or outfit, and giving myself a manicure is my perfect way of having a bit of 'me' time. 

Rather than just show you my ultimate favourite colours, I thought I'd also give you a peek at how I store them too. 

Favourite Colours
Most of my favourite colours are Essie, as that's the brand I own the most of. Everyone will have a brand that just works on their nails, and Essie is the brand for me. I can go a week without it chipping and I love the formula and application brush as it makes it so easy to apply.

Tomorrow Never Dies, Trophy Wife, Cute as a Button, Bikini so Teeny, I'm Not Lion, Fiji
OPI 'Tomorrow Never Dies'
I picked this up over a year ago at duty free and it's part of the James Bond collection. It's such an amazing deep purple with a subtle glitter running through it.

Essie 'Trophy Wife'
This is, as described on the Essie website, a deep teal pearl polish. As I mentioned before, applying Essie polishes is a breeze with this one being no different. It's definitely more of a autumn/winter polish as it's jewel toned.

Essie 'Cute as a Button'
This was the first Essie polish I owned, and it's one of her most famous ones. It's my favourite pink as it's a perfect middle man for bright and pastel. 

Essie 'Bikini so Teeny'
This was raved about two summers ago (I think), and the summer it came out, it was the only colour I wore on my toes! It's so the most amazing blue with a subtle shimmer that goes with everything! I can just reapply it over and over again.

China Glaze 'I'm not Lion'
What is a nail polish without a cute name, and this is one of the cutest! China Glaze is also another favourite formulation of mine as they are really long lasting. This a glitter from the Safari collection that you can wear (with a few coats), without another colour underneath. Who doesn't love a bit of glitter?!

Essie 'Fiji'
Once again, this is another very famous Essie polish and who came blame them? It's the most amazing milky nude/pink, that's so flattering on the nails. If I don't know what colour to paint my nails, this is the one that I reach for as it's so universal. There's no swatch of this one I'm afraid as it just looked white against the nail wheels - sorry!

I took inspiration for storing my nail polish from Miss Glamorazzi's Nail Polish Collection. After searching around, I found the cheapest acrylic organisation hanger here on Amazon. Just like Ingrid's, each compartment is separated by colour. 

Excuse the Pussycat Dolls poster behind it, I got the poster when I saw them when I was 13. Nostalgic memories means I don't have the heart to take it down, so I covered it instead!

Top Row
Blacks and Silvers
Deep reds and berrys
Shimmery Pinks

Second Row
Darker Pinks
Light Pinks

Third Row
Darker Blues
Lighter Blues

Fourth Row
Yellow and Golds
Coloured Glitters
Top Coat Glitters

Bottom Row
Acetone (to remove gels)
Base and top coats
Nail files, cuticle pushers etc
Nail Polish Remover

I hope you enjoyed seeing my favourite colours and storage!
I think this has been my favourite post I've ever written!
What are your favourite colours?
Thanks for reading

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