Monday, 30 June 2014

Travel Make Up - New York Edition

Hi Guys,

As you're reading this I'm currently on my dream holiday in New York City. If you follow me, you may already know that I received the holiday as my 21st birthday present back in March and the time has finally come for me to go!

I have dreamed about going to NYC for as long as I can remember so I can't believe I'm actually there!
If you're interested to see what I got up to/what I bought, look back here throughout the rest of July as it's America month on Liora's Beauty World.

When I went on holiday back in April, I wrote a post about what products I took with me (you can see them all here) and I thought I'd do it again for New York. 
My Brushes aren't included in this post as I was taking the pictures, they were currently drying from a pre-holiday wash.

Bourjous Happy Light Base Serum Matte (Full review coming on Thursday)
Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette (which contains my only bronzer and highlight for the trip, along side a pink blush)
L'Oreal True Match Foundation in N4 Beige - evening foundation
Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream in 33 Beige Rose - daytime lightweight coverage
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Medium
Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer in 02 Nude
Maybelline Matte Maker Powder
Benefit Rockateur Blush - a rose gold cheek option

MUA Pro-Base Eye Primer
My MAC Quad ft All That Glitters, Ricepaper, Bronze and Embark
Collection Solo Eyeshadow in Frosting
Maybelline Lasting Drama Black Shock Gel Liner
Rimmel ScandalEyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal in Nude and Bronze
Eyeko Eyelash Curlers
Benefit They're Real Mascara
HD Brows in Foxy
Maybelline BrowDrama in Medium Brown

Revlon Colourburst in Fire Red
NYX Buttergloss in Vanilla Cream Pie
Revlon Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie

I'm think I've managed to fit a week city break's make up into not too many products. I've only gone with one eyeshadow palette as I can do day and night with those colours.
The three lip colours I've chosen go with all the outfits I've packed.

But not forgetting, I'm planning on shopping....a lot. 

Don't forget to keep an eye out to see all about my trip and what I bought!
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Review: Bourjois Happy Light Matte Serum Primer

Hi Guys,

I mentioned the Bourjois Happy Light Matte Serum Primer in my June favourites but I thought I'd give it a more in-depth review.

The primer comes in two varieties - Matte and Luminous and they both cost £10.99.

Now as a girl with oily skin, I would never choose the luminous version as my skin provides that for me all by itself. Instead, I try my hardest to keep my skin as matte as possible. 

I decided to try this primer as I had heard a few beauty Youtubers talking about how much they love the Happy Light foundation so I thought I'd give it ago.

The primer comes in a slim glass bottle containing 15ml of product. The glass bottle makes this product seem so much more expensive than it actually is - it's a really nice touch. I also especially love that this primer has a pump which means you don't waste product.

Product and Application
Due to the pump, the perfect pea sized amount of primer comes out enough to cover your face. It blends in really smoothly and leaves a lovely texture on the face. As soon as I apply the primer I can see the matte effect on my face.

Lasting Power
With no primer, my face probably last 2-3 hours before the oil starts to come through. Although this primer doesn't leave me oil free all day, it gives me 5-6 hours until a powder touch up is needed. The extra hours means I can go out without having to constantly think if I look too shiny.

All in all, I really love this product. It's giving my Smashbox Primer a run for it's money!

Have you given the Happy Light primers a go?
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Haul: H&M, Oasis and Maybelline

Hi Guys,

I've been naughty and bought some new goodies recently so I thought I'd show you what I got. It's not all in one shopping trip apart from H&M which was in one fair swoop.

For my birthday back in March I got a £20 Oasis voucher which isn't somewhere I normally shop but I had a browse and fell in love with the blue and white striped top. It fits so lovely and I can imagine wearing it summer or winter dressed up in different ways. It was £25 so I only ended up paying £5 - bargain!

Last Thursday there was a CSR day at work called Race to Brazil which was basically an afternoon off site raising money for charity with activities themed around the world cup. I needed something in a Brazilian colour to wear and this yellow asymmetric top was perfect! It would also be a great pool cover up with some shorts for holiday so at £7.99 it wasn't too bad.

As I mentioned in my last Monday Morning Wishlist, my night out outfits at uni are normally high waisted shorts and a crop top. I fell in love with this one which was £6.99.

I love really slouchy thin jumpers as they're so easy to throw on and style. This grey one is so soft and looks really nice so I had to have it. It cost £7.99.

I'm off to California in August and it's going to be HOT. I thought these shorts would be perfect for casual days and they were £7.99

This necklace is absolutely beautiful, it's 3 different kinds of silver chains which are all attached at the clasp at the top. It looks like I've made an effort to style jewellery but really it's just one piece! It was £6.99.
Sorry for the rubbish picture of it, it was quite hard to picture!

I only went in to rebuy my Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer which I love for under the eyes. It's £6.99 but it was buy one get one half price and all Maybelline cosmetics so I ended up getting it for £3.99 because I saw the new Lasting Drama Black Shock Gel Liner.
You've probably seen the Benefit They're Real Eye Liner pop up everywhere (amazing PR!) and this new product looks like a pretty close dupe! It's so black and the formula is great, I can't wait to test out the last power. It's £8.99 so cheaper than Benefit's!

Have you bought anything nice recently?
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Sunday, 22 June 2014

MAC Brick-O-La Dupe

Hi Guys,
A MAC lipstick dupe for you which I happened to stumble across as I got really bored one afternoon and decided to swatch all my lipsticks up my arm (what can I say - beauty makes me happy!). I then realised to swatches on my arm were the same and the dupe realisation came about. 

I (think) it was last Spring was Estee from Essie Button was raving about MAC's lipstick in Brick-O-La. It looked so beautiful that of course I had to go out an get it (Essie is a major enabler). 

The lipstick that I've found to be almost identical is ELF's Mineral Lipstick in Rich Raspberry. Honestly on the lips I don't think you'd be able to tell a difference. 

In sunlight
MAC on the top, ELF on the bottom
In Shade
MAC on the top, ELF on the bottom
At £14 for a MAC lipstick the dupe is currently coming in at £2 as it's on sale from £5 over on ELF - you can buy it here! You can thank me later when you fall in love with this shade!

Do you have any MAC lipstick dupes?
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June Favourites 2014

Hi Guys,

It'd just like to say first off that July on Liora's Beauty World (apart from this post and a Bourjous review coming up on Thursday) is going to be New York month! As you're reading this, it's my first day of my week trip to the Big Apple!! Follow my blog ready for a lot of New York posts and hauls!

Anyways back to my June favourites. This month was a combination of finding new product loves and reliving some old ones!

Let's start with the rekindled loves:

Vaseline Spray & Go Body Moisturiser in Cocoa Radiant
I bought this a few months ago and used it a couple of times (loved it) but it ended up at the back of the drawer as I was into using thicker lotions throughout the winter. With the UK weather finally turning around, I'm in no mood to apply thick lotion after the shower when it's already hot so this has reappeared and the love affair has restarted. It's so quick and easy to apply and sinks into the skin in seconds. For such a light moisturiser it's really nourishing and it smells delicious!

Rimmel Salon Pro Nail Varnish in 312 Ultra Violet
I (think) I bought this last spring/summer, used it a couple of times but then other nail polishes overtook it. A few weeks ago I was painting my nails and decided to pick a colour I hadn't worn in ages and this won. I've worn it on my nails ever since then. It lasted a week with only one very small chip which is amazing and it's the most perfect purple for the summer.

Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette
Recently, a lot of people have been talking about these again as Urban Decay have re-released it (with a colour name this time which mine doesn't have) along with two new palette colours. I bought mine last April on a shopping trip with my parents and loved it and now I'm wondering why I stopped using it. The colours compliment each other pefectly and the highlight is my favourite highlight powder I own. The trio in the compact is perfect for travelling and it's come to NYC with me!

Now for the new finds:

Bourjous Happy Light Base Serum Matte
Everyone always talks about how great the Bourjous Happy Light foundation is but I'm not in need for a new foundation - I've got enough on the go as it is. However, with the increasing heat comes the increasing oil production on my face so I wanted to try the matte primer which does also come in a illuminating version.
I'm not going to talk too much about this primer as a review is coming next week. 

Yes To Grapefruit Uneven Skin Tone Daily Facial Scrub
If you've been my follower for a while you'll know about how much I used to struggle with acne until I went on Roaccutane. Since then, all that's left is the scars so I try everything to get rid of them. Make up by Tiffany D included this in a product empties video and raved about how much it left her skin glowing. The Yes To Grapefruit line is made to help uneven skin tone so I had to give this ago. It's made with 99% natural ingredients so it's not caused any breakouts from my nightly use. I've really noticed a difference to my skin whilst using this exfoliator!

What have you been loving this month?
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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Monday Morning Wishlist #5

Hi Guys,

Time for another Monday Morning wishlist as recently I've been wanting to buy everything - the lead up to summer means the shops are amazing right now!

I've been looking for a white dress for a few weeks and bought countless and sent them all back. I saw this one in topshop and I fell in love but the £48 pricetag is the only reason I'm not buying it. Unfortunately I just can't justify it as much as I'm in love with the dress :(

When it comes to summer, playsuits are the best thing. I have so many that are so easy to dress up or dress down and I love the design of this boohoo one at a bargain of £12!

I've been lusting over this dress every time I walk into H&M, it looks perfect for my upcoming trip to New York to wander round the city in! At £9.99, I feel like I may own this very very soon...

I'm always on the hunt for night out tops as I always feel like I don't have enough. My staple night out clothes at uni are high waisted shorts so this crop top from Missguided is great. I'm loving the more high necked tops recently and this is only £9.99.

Anyone got any spare money to lend me?
What have you been lusting over?
Thanks for reading

Thursday, 5 June 2014


Hi Guys,

Last Saturday I went out to the Hilton Sky Bar in Leeds for a friends 21st so I thought I'd show you a time when I dress slightly more classy than a night out in a club at uni!

I really loved this outfit especially as it's rare for me to wear trousers out.

*Please excuse my face in these pictures, I don't particularly like any photo from that night*

Necklace: Primark
Top: Topshop
Trousers: Primark
Shoes: Matalan
Clutch: Warehouse (about 5 years old)

What would you wear for a classy night out?
Hope you like the outfit!
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Sunday, 1 June 2014

May Favourites 2014

Hi Guys,

Firstly I just have to say this my 100th post!! I actually can't believe I've stuck with my little blog for a year and a half so thank you to all those who are regular readers!

I don't have many favourites this month as I've been stuck in a make up rut/on a spending ban. I've been so worn out lately that I've been getting out of bed the latest I possibly can before leaving for work, which has meant just quickly applying my make up. On the weekends I've also not been too adventurous but this is giving me a chance to go back and use older products that I've ignored for a while.

Living Proof Prime Style Extender
This is the small sample size I received as a birthday gift from Space NK two years ago. I have since bought the full size as this is almost empty, but the full size bottle is at my flat (I've been at home this weekend).
I use thison damp hair when I know I'm going to straighten my hair the next day and I can tell it gives an extra couple of days before needing to wash my hair out. I really recommend this stuff!

Revlon Lip Butter in Juicy Papaya
I got this last summer as an easy coral lip colour as I love the formula of the Revlon Lip Butters. It's pretty much been untouched since last summer so now the weather has seen some sunnier days, I've got it back out and have been wearing it a lot. It's such a lovely colour and gives a subtle coral addition to the lips without the high maintenance of a bold lipstick.

China Glaze in Four Leaf Clover
Last spring I went on an nail polish hype and just kept buying loads and only wore this once. When I wasn't sure what colour to paint my nails a while ago this just seemed to stand out (especially as it's bright green). I've pretty much worn this colour of all May and have had loads of compliments on it. Even my boss commented on how lovely the colour was. I love china glaze formulas so I really recommend giving this colour a try! I bought it from Nails Direct here but the colour in the image looks nothing like the colour in real life!

Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover
I purchased this a while ago after Anna from VDM raved about it. I have used it a lot since then but recently I've been really into giving myself proper manicures every other week so this has been used much more. It's a great cuticle remover and does the job really quickly and effortlessly. It's a (cuticle free) thumbs up from me! I've never managed to see it in a Boots/Superdrug so if you can't either you can purchase it here.

What have you been loving this month?
Thanks for reading