Wednesday, 28 May 2014

A Weekend in Edinburgh

Hi Guys,

I thought it'd be nice to share with you some snaps from my bank holiday weekend as me and a couple of friends hit the road for a weekend trip to Edinburgh.

We got there late Friday afternoon so just had a wander around the city and then went back to the flat to order £50 of Domino's and watch Clueless - living the life.

Saturday was full steam ahead that started with a trip to the Edinburgh Dungeons which was really fun, and very scary! I got picked to go down some stairs first where I man jumped out at me and locked me in a was all very traumatising. 

We then headed over to jump on the city sightseeing tour bus to get around the city. We hopped off at the castle to have a look  but we didn't go in and then carried on.

My Outfit
Jacket: Tesco
T Shirt: H & M
Skirt: Topshop
Shoes: Primark
Bag: From Italy
After another trip around we got off to climb Arthur's Seat and the view at the top was amazing, you could see out to the sea!

As it was a Saturday night, we dolled up and hit Shanghai club which was super fun - current/90's songs all in one and the best party, the club had air conditioning!! No club at home or uni I've been too has air conditioning so people need to latch on to this amazingness.

My Outfit:
Top: Matalan
Skirt: M & S
Shoes: Garage
Obviously being tourists and all, people being out in kilts was the best thing ever so we had to get a photo.

On sunday we hauled our slighty very hungover selves out to the National Museum of Scotland which was really fun, especially in the interactive parts.

My Outfit:
Jacket, bag and shoes: same as Saturday
Top: New Look
Necklace: Primark
Jeans: Primark
We stopped at a gorgeous cafe round the corner for some afternoon snacks and then hit the shops to save ourselves from the torrential rain (I had to throw my shoes away they were so ruined!)

Monday morning bright and early, we packed up and drove back home!

Edinburgh, you were great and I'll definitely be back!

Have you been to Edinburgh before?
What was your favourite thing?
Thanks for reading

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Blame it on the Beauty Bloggers #2

Hi Guys,

Back with another blame it on the beauty bloggers. If you missed my last one you can see it here.

Butter London Handbag Holiday Cuticle Oil
This product lusting comes from (once again) Vivianna Does Makeup - on a side note, I think everyone has the one blogger who's opinion they trust no matter what and if you hadn't guessed mine is Anna!
Her posts here and here have made me want to try this cuticle oil. My cuticles can get very dry so I'd really like something to help them out and this is meant to smell really tropical which is always a bonus! I wouldn't be surprised if I ended up purchasing this is in the near future!

Benefit Gimme Brow
Now, everyone and their mother have been raving about this new brow product from Benefit and I've wanted it since I first heard about it. However, what really sold me was a post on it by Victoria from In the Frow which you can read here. What sold me from her post is her before and after pictures so you can really see what a difference this product makes!

Sephora Matte Lip Cream Stain
On Amelia Liana's Youtube channel she recently uploaded the Lip Product Addict Tag with Essie Button. In this video, Amelia mentioned these Sephora Matte Lip Cream Stain's (she specifally mentioned shade 01). She also did a whole post on it which you can see here. This lip product looks absolutely amazing! When I go to New York in July I'll definitely be heading to Sephora to take a look in real life and see the other shades available!

What have bloggers made you want recently?
Thanks for reading

Bomb Cosmetics Candles

Hi Guys,

Back in December I went to the Clothes Show in Birmingham and bought two candles from the Bomb Cosmetics stand. I've only ended up blogging about them now as I finally worked my way through my other candles to start burning these.

They were on offer at the time due to buying them at the clothes show but I can't remember if it was 2 for £7 or 2 for £10, either way it was a good deal!

I picked up Autumn Fruit Fairy and Sea of Tranquility.

Sea of Tranquility - Mermaid's Delight
When I first smelt this I described it to my friend who I was with as 'a bath in a candle'. When I smell this, I can picture myself in the bath completely relaxed with this burning. It just smells of relaxation!
It says that this candle contains refreshing marjoran oils and rosemary pure essential oils which is where it must get its bathtime smell from.

Autumn Fruit Fairy - Pixie Twinkle
This candle is the strangest thing, it's ingredients (ripe plum, aniseed, warm ginger, cinnamon and woody aspects) and it's name just describe autumn. However, to me this is a summer fragrance. I mentioned this in my recent non beauty favourites that it reminds me of my favourite sweet stall in Tel Aviv market in Israel. It's a scent that reminds me of summer holidays and being by the beach which I guess is really strange to have from a autumn fragrance. I really really love this candle and when it's burning it makes me so happy to be in my room!

Both candles burn really well and last for a long time!

Have you tried Bomb Cosmetic candles before?
Thanks for reading

Haul: Make up and Fashion

Hi Guys,

A few posts ago I said how I'd put myself on a spending ban till July. I broke it straight away with clothes so I ended up making it just a beauty ban but I could buy something if I really needed it. I've done very well, apart from one item of make up so does that class as breaking my ban?

This was all from Boots and it was all needed bar the lip product - what can I say, I love lip products!

Soap and Glory skincare was on offer and I'd  been eyeing some of it up for a while. 
Firstly I picked up the Sunshield Superfluid SPF50 Ultra Sheer invisible protection.
I've been looking for a face spf for a while that isn't sticky like normal suncream and I'd seen this been talked about on different blogs so I went with it. It should have been £15 but I got it for £9.99.

My next thing from Soap and Glory is the Beauty Sleep Accelerator Night & Flight Moisture Miracle. I'm very lucky this summer and I'm going on 3 different holidays, all of which are long haul flights. I once saw EmShelx talk about this before she went on a long haul flight and it seems perfect to keep your skin as moisturised as possible. I can't quite put my finger on the scent but it smells amazing!
It should have been £13 but I got it for £8.66.

I picked up the Maybelline Matte Maker Mattifying powder in 20 Nude Beige as my other powder smashed (see it's not breaking the spending ban, I needed it!). Amelia Liana has recently been raving about this powder and how she likes it even more than some of her high end stuff so for £3.99 it's worth a try!

I broke my ban by picking up the Bourjous Rouge Edition Velvet in 02 Frambourjoise. This have been talked about all the time and I tried to hold off for as long as I could but I couldn't do it anymore! I'm really glad I did break it though as it's so gorgeous and with the weather finally turning around in the UK, I can't wait to rock this bright lip!

For my birthday back in March I received a £20 TopShop voucher from a friend so I went in to have a little browse. I ended up buying myself (finally, I've wanted them for ages) a pair of black Leigh Jeans (£38). They are so comfy and fit really nicely so I'm happy I finally purchased them.

In my Monday Morning Wishlist #4 last week I mentioned a black playsuit from Topshop. Whilst I was there I thought it'd be worth trying it on but I ended up not liking it in real llife. However, they did have this plain cotton black playsuit for £24 and it fit really nicely so I ended up with that instead!

I've been looking for a really nice pair of cigarette trousers for a while and I ended up with these ones from Primark (£14). They are cropped and look great on so I can't wait to get wear out of these this summer!

What do you think of my purchases?
What have you picked up lately?
Thanks for reading

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Non Beauty Favourites - May

Hi Guys,

I've never done one of these before but one of my favourite Youtube videos to watch/ blog posts to read are non-beauty favourites. Partially as I'm nosey, but also because they're interesting to see what people are liking aside from beauty products.
I thought whenever I have enough things to talk about I'd let you know what my non-beauty favourites are!

Primark Top
I've recently been trying to wear this top as much as possible as I get so many compliments whilst wearing it. It's a great fit and looks really nice with high waisted jeans. Of course, the Primark price tag is amazing - I think it was £6. Most of my clothes are dark colours so this is a refreshing change to my outfit combinations!

Bomb Cosmetics - Autumn Fruit Fairy Candle
I bought two Bomb Cosmetic candles (post coming soon) on offer back in December at the Clothes Show, and recently started burning this one. Don't let the name fool you, this is definitely no autumn scented candle! This immediately reminds me of my favourite sweet stall in Israel at the Tel Aviv market - SO GOOD! The cute decorations on the top are a very pretty touch.

Lindt Excellence Blueberry Intense Dark Chocolate
Honestly, words cannot describe how good this chocolate is! Recently, I've been on a major health kick so I've stopped buying chocolate/crisps/sweets etc. However, I knew if I gave up chocolate completely I'd have major withdrawal symptoms and binge so I bought a bar of dark chocolate as a 'healthy' alternative, to satisfy my cravings when they appear. I bought the blueberry version after a recommendation from someone at a party and it makes this even better - seriously, try this chocolate!!

The Skinny Confidential by Lauryn Evarts
Continuing with the healthy lifestyle, The Skinny Confidential is one of my favourite blogs to read. So much so, it made it into my 'ultimate faves' category on Bloglovin' - proof right there! The book is an extension of Lauryn's blog written in her very personable style and is a really nice read. FYI - her lentil soup recipe in this book is to die for! I had to order this book from this website as it's American.

For films, I recently went to see 'The Other Woman' with Cameron Diaz and 'Bad Neighbours' with the ever so gorgeous Zac Efron and I really recommend them! They were both very light hearted and funny making them both an enjoyable watch!

I hope you liked my non-beauty favourites!
What have you been loving?
Thanks for reading

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Monday Morning Wishlist #4

Hi Guys,

Back with another Monday morning wishlist today. I've put myself on a spending ban until July (mainly beauty but clothes too) as I'm not getting enough use of items I've got and I may get spendy in New York in July so to buy guilt free I need to use up what I've got first! I'm not being as strict with clothes but I went shopping on Saturday with a friend and bought nothing when I could have bought everything, pat on the back Liora. 
I swear when you don't allow yourself to buy anything, everything you see you want!
Here's a few things I've been lusting after recently.

The New Look giraffe bikini is super cute. I'm loving all the animal print that's around recently and what easier way to where it than on a bikini!

I recently watched the Fleur De Force/Essie Button/Amelia Liana Dallas vlogs and on one of the days Amelia was wearing a very simple black playsuit and now I want one! All my playsuits are summery and patterned but I want a simple black one for everyday wear this summer and this topshop is perfect! I actually think I might really buy this this space.

All the cigarette trousers everyone's wearing are so pretty and I almost bought a pair last summer but I didn't which I regretting as soon as I got home. When I went back to buy them they weren't there anymore or online *sad face*. This pair look very similar so are tempting me once again!

Alongside animal print, I'm loving the watermelon/pineapple prints that have popped up. Last summer I actually bought a neon pink bikini with pineapples all over and I still love it. These shorts from ASOS seem like a perfect pair for comfy summer days - they could come in handy when (if we ever book the flights) go to Thailand in September!

What have you been wishing for recently?
Thanks for reading

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Review: Maybelline Colour Elixir

Hi Guys,

I've got a short but sweet review of the Maybelline Colour Elixir today which my sister picked up for me when she was in New York in February.
A lot of American youtubers talked about this product when they were first launched but what really made me want to try them was due to the raving from Estee from Essie Button. 

I have the colour Mauve Mystique which is a gorgeous berry colour.

It applies effortlessly due to the dover applicator and smooth formulation.
The formula itself is really long lasting and smells amazing. I'm surprised I don't make come off sooner by licking it off!

I can't say anything about the other colours but this colour has gorgeous sheen and looks beautiful on the lips. It's a very subtle berry that can be worn everyday.

I'm off to New York in July so some more colours is definitely on the shopping list!
When will these come to the UK?

Have you managed to get your hands on some yet?
Do you want to?

Thanks for reading

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

To Groom or Not to Groom?

Hi Guys,

A slightly different post coming your way today rather than the normal beauty posts. I was recently contacted by Man Crates, who as their name suggests ship gifts for guys in custom wooden crates which sounds pretty cool.
They are running a 'Manscaping' campaign - a campaign to let men know what females think of different grooming looks so I thought I'd let all the men (and ladies) know my opinion on the subject.

I think most girls have a celebrity crush who will fit under a particular category in the celebrity world. I for one am all about Zac Efron, who looks wise would fit under a 'clean cut' category. I've loved him ever since I was 13 and High School Musical appeared on our screens. My parents say at 21 I'm too old to have his 2007 Rolling Stone magazine cover poster still on my door however, I completely disagree!

He's definitely getting better with age - hello current Zac Efron in Bad Neighbours!

Strangely though, if someone would ask me my grooming opinions, Zac Efron's clean cut look would not be top of my list. 
A Ryan Gosling look (typical girl choices I know) is definitely more up my street.

I like facial hair where there is some for a start, but it's also looked after rather than letting it have a mind of its own. I think well groomed hair shows you've made an effort but not too much of an effort.

Obviously male grooming comes down to much more than the lower face.
I have a thing about finger and toe nails. They 100% need to be looked after! I'm not talking crazy male manicures but neatly trimmed nails is a must. Feet are gross no matter what but putting in effort can make them more bearable. I've seen some male feet during summer months that literally made me gag. 

Chest hair can leave females divided. I have friends who can't stand it whereas I personally don't mind it (within reason - no gorillas please).
I am a fan of (the name I've just discovered) the 'happy trial', the strip of hair going down from the belly button.

This kind of chest hair is probably my ideal.

I know recently, a lot of men have started bearing what I call 'the proper beard'. 

Sorry Jake, you're great and all but I think you can either pull this look off or you can't.
I personally am not a major fan of the beard having seen it on my facebook feed on people who it doesn't look great on.

At the end of the day, male grooming preferences is up to the male!
A friend/girlfriend/wife can have their opinions but if the male isn't comfortable a look is never going to look good.

Men, how much do you value a female opinion?
Ladies, what do you prefer in male grooming?

Thanks for reading,