Sunday, 19 January 2014

Brushes Galore

Hi Guys,

Every year I wait for Black Friday as Sigma have free international delivery, and every year I take advantage of it! As the brushes are coming from America they only arrived just after Christmas and I've been loving them ever since.

My first brush is the F40 - Large Angled Contour Brush for the simple reason that my other brush like this (not sigma) is held together by cellotape so I thought it was time to treat myself to a new one! I love this brush to apply blush perfectly to the apples of my cheek.

My second brush is the E35 - Tapered Blending Brush. I have already owned this brush but I broke it somehow as when you use it the bristles push back into the handle!? How I managed to do that is beyond me!

As my purchase was over $30 I received a free gift which was the E25 - Blending Brush. It's so cute and small and another perfect brush to apply shadow to the crease.

As if 3 new brushes weren't enough, on a pop in to boots to pick up a present for someone I'd ordered online (can you ever just walk out with one thing?!) I ended up buying the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. Recently on YouTube, I've seen a lot of people using this in tutorials and it applies foundation or tinted moisturiser so well on them that I wanted to give it a try. I absolutely love Real Technique brushes so this a perfect new addition to the family!

Which are your favourite brushes?
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Sunday, 5 January 2014

Outfits from Spain

Hi Guys,

On Christmas Eve I flew to Spain for a holiday with my family until the 30th December. I took some pictures of some of my favourite outfits for you to see. These outfits show that you can dress nicely on a budget as everything is from affordable shops (student budget and all that).

Outfit 1 - Flying to spain/Shopping
This outfit was when I flew to Spain and as I landed at lunch time we were going straight out for the day so it needed to be something I could continue wearing rather than tracksuit bottoms which is what I normally fly in.

Sunglasses: T K MAXX
Leather Jacket: Tesco
Shirt: Matalan
Vest top: Primark
Leggings: Matalan
Shoes: Converse
Bag: From a market in Italy

Outfit 2 - Driving to Valencia and an afternoon in Valencia
Within our holiday we took a little mini holiday to Valencia as it's only 2 hours away from my Grandma's house. I wanted something, again to be comfy as I would be sat in a car but also that would be nice to walk around in throughout the rest of the day.

T-Shirt - H & M
Skirt - asos
I did wear black ballet flats from Primark but I forgot to put them on in the picture, as well as my leather jacket it again.

Outfit 3 - Full day in Valencia
This was something comfy yet fashionable to walk around Valencia all day.

Sunglasses - T K MAXX
Necklace - Primark
Dress - Primark
Shoes - Primark (These are the ballet flats I wore in outfit 2, but to be honest you can't even see them anyway!)

Outfit 4
This outfit was when we were back at my Grandma's and just went out for the day exploring.

Sunglasses - T K MAXX
Leather Jacket - Tesco
T Shirt - H & M
Jeans - Mango (but on asos and a good sale bargain)
Shoes - Converse

Hope you enjoyed my outfits
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Collective Haul ft Zara, Kiko, Maybelline & Clarins

Hi Guys,

I have a haul that is a mixture of things from my holiday, spending some boots points and general shopping.

On my first day in Spain in a shopping centre, my sister and I were talking to my dad outside a shop when they next thing both of us spotted a Kiko store at the same time and ran off (leaving dad very confused). The poor man then had to stand there for quite a while whilst myself, my mum and my 2 sisters filled up a basket and left him to pay! So I didn't buy this stuff myself, it was a lovely present from my parents.

The first thing I picked up is the Kiss Balm in 06 Blackberry. The Kiss Balms are just like the Revlon Lip Butters in formula - smooth, buttery lip balms. Blackberry is a beautiful berry colour that's gorgeously pigmented. A great thing about these kiss balms is that they have SPF 15 in so they are protecting your lips at the same time. The packaging is great as it's sleek and small.

From Kiko, I also picked up an empty 3 pan palette and filled it with 3 eyeshadows.

The best thing about the palette, compared to my MAC palette is that there is a little dent to remove the shadows if you want too. I find it very difficult to take out my pans in the MAC palettes and always seem to leave a fingernail dent in the corner of my shadow.

L-R: 218, 240, 243
Unfortunately, 218 is hard to pick up on camera, but as you can see of the other two they are really pigmented eyeshadows. However, I do wish they had cute names, who isn't a sucker for make up names?!

My final item from Spain is a Zara bag, which once I'd seen it I couldn't let it go. My amazing parents once again paid for some of it, whilst I also put money into it.
I didn't take a photo with it with my camera as I couldn't find the right light to justify it's beauty but I did upload a picture onto Instagram the day I bought it.

 It's black with a grey flap lid and has a long gold chain as it's handle. Its small but still relatively large inside to hold what I need. It won't be my everyday handbag as I feel as if it would get ruined but for special occasions and nice days out, this will definitely make an appearance.

Maybelline was buy one get one half price so I picked up the BrowDrama in Medium Brow as I've wanted to try it since it's come out and I was in the need for a new brow mascara. The new range of Brocades Colour Show polishes caught my eye and I ended up with Knitted Gold, which is a gold glitter with small pink sparkles in.

I also had a rather large amounts of boots points on my card so I treated myself to a Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in 01. Ever since bloggers started talking about these I've wanted one but just couldn't justify paying £17 on a student budget. Thanks to my boots points it a guilt free purchase! 

 Have you bought anything nice recently?
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December Favourites 2013

Hi Guys,

Sorry it's quite late to post my December favourites but I took a bit of a blog break over Christmas. Anyway, I'm back and here are small (but great) things I've been loving in December.

The Benefit They're Real mascara and the Eyeko Lash Curlers came in my Glamour Latest in Beauty box, which you can read about here). The eyelash curlers are absolutely amazing, they curl the lashes really well.

I'd always wanted to try the Benefit They're real mascara and I have not been disappointed. It's such a great mascara as it adds volume and length at the same time. The curlers and mascara paired together is a super team and make my lashes super long.
In fact, I like the mascara so much, that whilst on the plane back from Spain, my parents kindly bought me the full size. The price is already reduced from the £19.50 you'd pay in store to £15 but then on top of that there was another 20% offer on whilst we were flying so it was only £13.50!

On Black Friday, NYX had a free shipping offer on their site so I picked up both the blush and butter gloss.
The NYX Blush in Mauve is a gorgeous everyday peachy pink colour. The pigment is great and it really suits my skintone. I can understand why American's on Youtube often talk about NYX powder blushes.

I think the NYX Butter Gloss is my favourite favourite product of the month.
I have the shade Vanilla Cream Pie which is a beautiful pink colour that I normally wouldn't go for but it suits me so well. The formula of this lip product is so lovely - it's a smooth application and gorgeously glossy but not too much. It feels so soft on the lips and lasts a good amount of time before reapplication is needed.
Now the smell of this product is a whole different ball game. I can't quite put my finger on what it does smell like but the mixture in my head is sweets/almonds/vanilla, in other words SO GOOD.

I can't believe it's now 2014, I have so many amazing things planned for this year that I just can't wait for the year to get rolling!

What were your favourite products in December?
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