Monday, 10 June 2013

Roaccutane Diary: June 2013

Hi Guys!
Welcome to my 7th installement of my Roaccutane Diary, you can see May's post here.

Week 19
This week has been standard. No spots, lips starting to chap a bit more but manageable. My dry hands have come back a little bit too but not as bad as last time.

Week 20
This week has been alright. I still have had no spots but my lips are getting very dry and my hands still haven't cleared up.
Week 21
This week has been hard but I can't complain too much as I still have had no spots, and getting lots of compliments on how great my skin looks. However, I'm really struggling with my lips, they've got extremely dry now and have started cracking and bleeding every so often. I'm still using a lip scrub twice a week and am constantly piling on lip balm. If I don't apply lip balm all the time, my lips dry out like crazy. Just like last week, my hands have still not got any better and it stings my right hand when I put hand cream due to the cracks.

Week 22
I've just come back from the hospital, and have once again been kept on 60mg. My dry skin has now got worse on the tops of my arms so I've been prescribed medicated shower gel and body lotion to try and control the dryness. I've managed to get my lips under control this week so they are back to normal, they just need a constant application of lipbalm.

Stay tuned for the next Roaccutane diary
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