Friday, 31 May 2013

May favourites 2013

Hi guys!
I'm back in the blogging swing now and at a good time to talk about my monthly favourites.
They've started to turn summery now as we had nice weather for a little while - the weather in the UK makes no sense! (PS my camera has broken so I'm using my iphone for the time being)

My first item is the Garnier moisturising lotion gradual tan. I used this constantly last summer and cracked out the bottle once more as I've been wearing less layers! I absolutely love the smell of this product but it may not be to everyone's taste! 

I've got a new combination for my make up removal. I start with the Boots Botanics soothing eye make up remover which is an oil and water product you mix together before use. This is an amazing eye make up remover and takes of waterproof mascara without a fight! I then move onto my Bioderma (I have the sebium h2o for oily skin) which is such a gentle make up remover as it's water! 

My scent of choice lately is The Body Shop coconut body mist. I absolutely love the smell of coconut so I love catching a whiff of myself when I'm out and about! 

For my make up items, I've not been wearing a lot of face make up recently so have been wearing the Natural Collection tinted moisturiser in Beige with a little bit of Maybelline dream lumitouch concealer under my eye. This has been giving me a natural base when the weather has been nicer! 
For my blush I've once again cracked out an oldie but a goodie - my Natural Collection blush in Peach Melba. This is a cult classic in the beauty industry but it always seems to end up at the back of my collection, so when I get it back out I always think 'why did I stop using it?'

My final item is the Nivea lip butter in vanilla and macadamia which I spoke about in my April favourites so I won't go on but I'm still loving it!

What we're your favourite items this month? 
Thanks for reading 

Thursday, 30 May 2013

I'm back!

Hey guys!
I've not blogged in what feels like forever, except for my Roaccutane post, as I have been so busy these past 2 weeks - I feel as if I've barely stopped! In this time I've finished my exams so ended 2nd year of uni, and I won't be going back for over a year as I've been offered a years work placement as part of my degree. Once I got offered a job, I've then had to start finding somewhere to live. Other than uni stuff I've been working alot and have just been having general chill time as I'm home from a very busy year at uni (and trying to make the most of it as I start my new job on the 1st July!)

As you can see I've had a lot going on so the last thing on my mind has been blogging!
However, I have been doing quite a bit of shopping so expect some hauls coming your way!

Thanks for reading 

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Roaccutane Diary: May 2013

Hey guys!
This is my 6th installment of the Roaccutane Diary, you can see April's post here.

Week 14
Normally after my hospital visit, the first week always results in spots as my strength gets increased, but as I am still on 60mg, I haven't had any spots! The dry skin on my hand has gone, and my teeth and gums are exactly the same.

Week 15
This week hasn't been so brillaint. I have been super stressy with exams and it's come out on my face. Before this picture was taken, I had a big one on my upper lip and one on the side of nose. They've gone down but been replaced by the whopper on my cheek, which I think is due to stress as I had a difficult uni exam this week!
Everything else, such as my lips and skin, have been the same as normal. 

Week 16
This week has been so much better!
The spots have gone down and stopped coming out and I just have a little remain left of the beast that appeared on my cheek last week.
I'm just hoping they don't come back again in the next 2 weeks, as I have my another uni exam so will be stressed again!
Week 17
I've had a couple of little spots this week, but nothing as bad as previously, and you can see the last remains of them in the picture.
I've not had any problems with my lips or skin dryness in over two weeks, which is amazing. My teeth/gums are still bleeding, I think I'm just going to have to get used to that bit until I come off the medication - it doesn't seem to be going anywhere, anytime soon!

Week 18
I've just got back from the hospital and I'm still on 60mg! I think this is the last month and then in my next appointment they are going to start bringing me down to come off it!
This week has been fine with no spots even though I had my last uni exam!

Thanks for reading
Stay tuned for the next instalment!

Monday, 13 May 2013

Barely There Makeup

Hello Guys!
I'm currently right in the middle of my exams (4 days until I finish for summer eep), and when I pop to the supermarket or into uni I don't have the time, nor the effort, to do my normal face of make up. Therefore, recently I've been wearing a barely there make up look, which 2 months ago, I never ever would have done. I'm currently on strong acne medication called Roaccutane (little plug, check out my Roaccutane Diaries hereherehere and here) and would have never left the house with such little face makeup, so to be able to leave the house wearing tinted moisturiser is unbelievable!

I started with a little bit of Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Medium 3, just to cover up the remains of blemishes. I then applied Natural Collection Tinted Moisturiser in Beige with a Real Techniques Buffing Brush, which gives me a dewy, natural coverage. For blush, I used MUA's Cream Blusher in Dolly and applied it with the Real Techniques Stippling Brush. This is a gorgeous coral colour and looks so lovely on.

To neutralise my lids so they don't look as dark (which is because of lack of sleep due to revision), I swept the champagne colour from the Revlon Smoky Shadow Stick in Torch across them, and blended it out. I then used a very light coat of my Maybelline The Rocket Volum' Express Waterproof Mascara, which I'm loving at the moment! 
For my eyebrows, I've been using powder rather than my pencil, as I feel I can get a more natural finish with powder. My powder of choice is Natural Collection's Eyeshadow in Crushed Walnut.

I quick sweep of my favourite lip products ever, the Revlon Lip Butters. I've been wearing the new colour Juicy Papaya a lot recently, as it's a really natural coral that adds a lovely shine.

So that's my barely there make up!
What products do you use for a super natural look?
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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Top 5 Nail Polishes for Spring/Summer

Hi Guys!
I absolutely love painting my nails - I do it to relax whilst watching TV, and spring and summer colours are my absolute favourite!
I just love bright or pastel colours when the weather is getting better, and I've picked my top 5 (as hard as it was) that are foolproof for spring and summer.

L - R: Peach Melba, Mint Green, Prickly Pear, Fiji, Cute as a Button

I know there are only 2 brands of polishes in this post but that was not intentional. I was picking based on colours - although Essie is my absolute favourite nail polish brand, the formulas work so well on my nails.

Lets start with Barry M...

Peach Melba is a lovely colour which I can only explain as a peachy apricot (probably makes no sense). 2 coats and you've got a colour for spring days.

I have no other description for Mint Green except it's a true mint green! This is one of my favourite nail polishes ever and the bottle is almost half empty - which I don't have with any other colour I own.

This is Prickly Pear from the new Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine nail polishes. These are the most amazing formula and I own other colours too, as they are long lasting and super shiny! I only bought this recently but it has overtaken my other lilac colour as that one is too light compared to this brighter lilac. I love it!

As I said previously in the post, Essie nail polishes are my absolute favourite! I love everything about them - the formula and the colour range.
I may do a whole post on my current Essie collection, which I am slowly building.

Excuse my writer's bump (Always grows through exam time!)

Fiji is a very, almost white, creamy pale pink. Although it isn't like the other bright colours in the post, it's perfect for spring/summer in a super neutral, girly way.

Essie Cute as a Button is a very well known product in the blogging community, and was in fact, the first Essie polish I ever bought when they started to be sold in Boots to try them. It's a beautiful coral pink, that not only looks great on fingers, but amazing on your toes!

Although it isn't mentioned in this post, I would like to give a shout out to Essie's Bikini so Teeny, which I wear any season. I think it could be my most worn colour of all time!

What are your favourite spring/summer polishes?
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Monday, 6 May 2013

My New Favourite Things

Hello guys!
I was a little bit naughty on pay day last month and bought myself a couple of things that I am absolutely in love with!!

The first thing I did, was start a Just Fab membership (a monthly subscription where shoes and bags are put in your 'closet' and costs £35 but you can skip months with no cost). As it was my first purchase, my item was £17.50 but it's RRP should be £69 - bargain!!

It's a beautiful gold satchel bag that is called 'Metropolis', that has a buckle flap. Once opened, it has a front pocket, then a zipped back pocket which also contains a wall zipped pocket.
I am so excited to start using this, as it's the perfect summer bag!
Take a look at Just Fab here.

My next super splurge item is a YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick in 17 Rose In Tension.
It is the most beautiful deep rose colour, and the formula of this lipstick is amazing - so moisturising and long lasting. Whilst trying it on at the counter, I left to carry on walking around and kept licking my lips to see how well it lasted, and it didn't budge!
Buying this lipstick is almost worth it just for the packaging, it looks so expensive (as it should for the price) and gorgeous.
However, this lipstick is pricey at £23.50 (a blow on my student budget) but I have wanted one of these lipsticks for well over a year, and decided to finally buy it as a revision present!

Have you been naughty and splurged on anything nice recently?
Thanks for reading

Thursday, 2 May 2013

April Favourites 2013

Hello guys!
I can't get over how fast April has flown by! I've already started my uni exams and have 2 more weeks until summer begins - I can't wait!!
Unfortunately I've spent a lot of this month inside revising and when I have gone out it's either been to the supermarket or uni so my make up has been very neutral!

Hollister Body Lotion in Crescent Bay
I've been wearing this lotion through the day when I've been out as it smells so good - I also have the matching spray which I wear with it! It is the perfect summer scent.

Nip + Fab Coconut Latte Body Butter
I've been using this lotion at night after my showers. I bought this back in Jan as a set of 3 and have finally got round to using it. This was the scent I thought I'd like the least as I'm not a major fan of coconut smells but this is absolutely amazing, so much so, I know I'm 100% buying a big tub when it's finished! It's so smooth to apply and super moisturising - definitely one of the best body butters I've tried in a while! 

Nivea Lip Butter in Vanilla & Macadamia
I bought this solely off the hype from youtube, but I was determined not too until I'd finished some other lip balms first! Due my Roaccutante treatment my lips are really dry and one day made the biggest mistake I could - I left the house without lip balm!! As it was urgent for me to get one whilst I was out, I caved and very glad I did. This is so moisturising on the lips and smells super good! My only issue with it, is that it's in a pot so I don't like using it out of the house as I don't want to get it grubby.

Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette
Almost every time I've had make up on this month, this has been my blush and bronzer. They are such lovely colours, and I've worn the highlight on nights out and it looks fab. A brilliant compact - and super handy for travelling around! 

L'Oreal Glamshine Stain Splash in Juliet
This has been so easy to just throw on to add some colour to my neutral make up! The formula is super long lasting and really pigmented. As Cheryl Cole says in the ad 'it feels just like water on my lips'. 

Mac Palette
This is my little quad I made for every day eyes, and I've been wearing it all month. I use ricepaper all over the lid with bronze in the corner. I then apply embark in the crease and use all that glitters as my brow bone highlight. They look so nice and natural all together.

Top Row L-R: Ricepaper and Bronze
Bottom Row L-R: All that Glitters and Embark

What have your favourites been this month?
Thanks for reading
Liora xx