Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Roaccutane Diary: February 2013

Back for another post about my journey on Roaccutane!
It's been a month since my last post (here) where I had just had a procedure called Hyfrecation done.
Here is picture of when it had just been done and then I have included a picture a week after, so you can see how much it went down in a week!

I never noticed before this procedure that my cheeks were always bumpy, which was from the spots under my skin. Now, I can run my hands across my face and it's smooth, which feels very weird!

Week 1
I have been on the tablets for a week which seems quite crazy and so many things have already happened!
The places that were missed from my hyfrecation erupted in large painful spots, which had slightly died down by the time it came to take the weekly picture.
The dryness has already begun! My lips are constantly dry but they haven't become flaky yet and the skin on my nose is super dry.
The oddest thing is the lack of oil on my face. Normally, after wearing make-up for two hours, I would have to blot my face as it would be a shiny mess. In just a week I've been wearing make up for full days without a single inch of shininess! (Definitely a bonus, no more having to go to the toilet to blot)

Week 2
This week has been pretty much the same as last, a few more spots erupted and have died down but my lips are getting worse. I've now started using a lip scrub to get rid of the flakes and am constantly applying lip balm - I suddenly feel lost without it! 
Another difference I've noticed, again due to the lack of oil I'm producing, is the greasiness of my hair. I wore it straight this week which normally lasts 3 days until I need to wash it out as it becomes greasy. As an experiment I wanted to see how long I could leave it until it needed a wash. At day 7 it was still going strong without a single spray of dry shampoo, but I couldn't go any longer so I washed my hair. I wonder how long I really can go without washing it....

Week 3
This week my skin and lips have both got drier, so I've been upping the anti with moisturising and applying lip balm, as well as using my lip scrub every night to get rid of any flakes. I did have (and still have) quite a few breakouts this week, but you can't see them properly on the picture.

Week 4
This week I've had quite a few breakouts, of which you can see the last patch of it around my chin, but other than that throughout this whole month I have noticed a resounding change already in my skin. People have been commenting on how much better it already looks, and I'm reaping the benefits of not becoming oily throughout the day!
I have just returned from the hospital for my monthly check-up, where I had to have the normal blood tests to make sure everything is fine internally.
I was then asked a few questions to sum up how I've been reacting to the treatment so far, and my dose was upped from 30mg to 40mg. 
Although I'm suffering with chapped lips already (you can see it slightly in the picture), the more my dose is upped, the worse it's going to get so I'm braced for a significant increase of flakiness! 

I hope you've enjoyed my first monthly diary on Roaccutane!
Stay tuned for next month
Thanks for reading 
Liora xx


  1. Hello, I was just having a little potter around on your blog and noticed how much effort must have been put into all of this. I dont want to waste your time but it would make me the happiest girl on earth if you could come a check out my blog, thanks ever so much! from zoe x

  2. great improvement! :*

    1. thank you! It's continuously improving! x

  3. Your skin looks so much better already!! Will you have to be on the Roaccutane for much longer then? I saw a programme about it on tv, it can have some very bad side affects, like causing depression and such,just so you know, and don't spend to long on it... But I can see the rewards of it you skin is looking so much clearer now.

    Please come and check out my latest post if you have a few minutes spare :)

    p.s. I’ve given the blog a bit of a face lift!



    1. I think I'll be on it till the summer, as I'm reacting very well to it and my skin seems to be improving fast! The doctor sits you down to warn you about the side effects, as they are so big but rare.
      But thanks for the info :) xx

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